The Celestial Hurl @ La Mama E.T.C (by Kimberly Shelby-Szyszko)

I photograph a lot of cool shows, but there’s nothing quite as exhilarating ¬†as photographing one of my wife’s plays (even though it’s harder to pay attention while shooting!) . . . and especially at the legendary La Mama Experimental Theatre Club.


the theatre side

Although you’ll typically find me snapping away in a dark jazz club, I’m also known to do the very same thing quite often during a play or reading in a theater. In fact, two weeks after moving from Detroit to New York, a theater shot of mine was published in the New York Times! Here is a smattering of theater performance shots, promo shots and postcard designs.

Food For Fish (Adam Szymkowicz):

Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit:

Placebos Dress For Comfort (Kimberly Shelby-Szyszko):

Postcard Designs: