Noah Preminger: Sounds & Excerpts EPK (2012)

Noah Preminger: Sounds & Excerpts EPK (2012)

Noah Preminger is one of few young saxophonists on the jazz scene that have a “sound,” and an appreciation and reverence of the history of the music. It was a perfect fit for me to have worked on this EPK video with Noah, as we’re on the same page with a lot of our views of the jazz scene today. I thought Ben Monder and Fred Hersch’s commentary was spot-on, and they were really key in shaping the tone and narrative of the video.






Project Girl Performance Collective Videos

Over the past several months, my wife (Kimberly) and I have been working on video projects for a great non-profit theatre organization called Project Girl Performance Collective. Here’s their one-liner mission statement:

Project Girl Performance Collective creates a fearless space for girls to write and perform their own work.
Here are 2 video projects that have recently been completed and uploaded to YouTube. Please check them out and share with others! (And let us know of any other socially-conscious organizations in need of such videos to raise awareness of their mission!).