John Coltrane’s Ascension @ Jazz Standard

The Ascension show at Jazz Standard on Nov 16, 2011 was such a rare occasion on many levels. A lot of times, these tribute concepts are tired, and uninspired; the “bigger” the album, the bigger the bust; the more “names” the less chemistry . . . right off the bat, the Ascension show announced itself as the real deal. It’s impossible to do a note-for-note recreation of such an album, so the musicians (Joe Lovano, Vincent Herring, Sabir Mateen, Donny McCaslin, Jeremy Pelt, Josh Roseman, James Weidman, Ben Allison, Matt Wilson & Billy Drummond) just let the spirit fill them up and they let it on out! As I was sitting next to the stage snapping away behind Billy Drummond, I could feel the vibrations enveloping me and lifting me up. Oh, and thanks to Milan Simich for putting the band/concept together!


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